Practice of lower dan-tien
ZY Qigong Level 1 practice will help you to:
  • Increase your energy level
  • Open energy channels
  • Decrease pain
  • Increase vitality, confidence and self-esteem, reduce fear, strengthen trust in self and in life
  • Achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness
  • Heal injuries from sports, dance, occupation related chronic pain and weakness
  • Experience deeper levels of relaxation
  • Improve kidney/adrenal and bladder function
  • Improve sexual function
  • Feel grounded and connected to the Earth
  • If you are engaged in healing work of any sort, this practice will increase your effectiveness

The first aim of Level 1 practice is to relax the physical body. This means releasing the main patterns of muscular tension that restrict or block energy flow. When energy flows more freely, it exerts more pressure on the next layer of blockages until they clear, and so forth.

As this process continues, you achieve the second aim: you cultivate your energy body by increasing the overall amount and intensity of energy as well as improving its ability to circulate and gather it in the lower energy center—lower dantian. In turn, more gathered qi will push through greater blockages and regenerate areas of stagnation.

When you've reached the relaxed state, you'll find your body feeling more spacious, easy and your energy flowing relatively freely. Your mind may remain active, but it has lost its ability to disturb the body. This loss of embodied expression and support for the busy mind allows it to start quieting down: you're now ready for Level 2.

Level 1 curriculum:
  • Free introductory lecture
  • Opening the channels on fingers and toes
  • Four preparatory exercises
  • Three main exercises (Big Tree, Refining Qi, Microcosmic Orbit)
  • Additional exercises (walking and sleeping qigong; purifyung, gathering, and radiating Qi)
  • Scanning and healing with hands (methods of Image Medicine)
  • Self-healing methods (stabilizing blood pressure, improvement of eyesight)
    Program length: 15 hours.
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