Practice of middle dan-tien

The first aim of Level 2 practice is to integrate and relax the energy body. This involves continued work with physical blockages, but at a more detailed level than in Level 1. Increasingly, the energy body works as a unified pattern rather than a set of more or less separate flows. As this integration develops, the energy sensations become smoother. The energy body, just as the physical body, feels more spacious and refined. There is also the realization that many of the sensations we interpret in Level 1 as energy are actually resistance to energy.

The second aim is to quiet the mind. This is a natural result of relaxing the energy body. In Level 1 we experience the physical body calming down and no longer responding to the mind's agitation. In Level 2, the relaxation of the energy body influences the mind: the mind slows down and simply stops; its construction of space and time stops. This is the calm state, also known as the qigong state.

ZY Qigong Level 2 practice will help you to:
  • Further increase your energy
  • Improve your immune system
  • Balance your emotions
  • Increase personal power, boundaries
  • Improve self-authority, increase contentment, joy
  • Gain openness, non-judgment, leading to compassion for self and others, and unconditional love

At Level 2 we continue Level 1 training to increase our energy but with a new emphasis on improving the integrity of the energy body. We add Level 2 preparatory exercises, Level 2 Big Tree, and other practices to open the hips and the back of the pelvis, activate and build middle dan tian, and open and build the central channel.

With the central channel open and the energy field beginning to work as a coherent whole, we now practice how to open and close, expand and contract the boundaries of our energy body and modulate its pulsing intensity. This pulsing is also called body breathing, and we learn to use it in different ways for specific purposes. Its primary application is to relax the energy body and quiet the mind in preparation for pause state in Level 3. Training also continues for gathering energy and increasing the capacity of our central channel and other pathways.

Level 2 curriculum:
  • Two preparatory exercises
  • Two main exercises (Level 2 Big Tree, Chanzo)
  • Additional exercises (body breathing, regulating the functions of internal organs)
  • Diagnostics with the body, healing with yin-yang ball and through body breathing (methods of Image Medicine)
    Program length: 12 hours.
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