Practice of upper dan-tien
Level 3 practice will help you to:
  • Achieve clarity
  • Develop impersonal intuitive reasoning
  • Develop the Third Eye

Level 3 practice develops brain function, activates the extraordinary senses, and helps us reach pause state. We will activate and train the second and direct digestive system to absorb qi from the universe and maintain a prolonged pause state. When we feel that our lower, middle, and upper dantians are well connected by the middle channel, and abundant energy in our body allows us to reach and maintain the pause state, then we are ready for Level 4. 

ZY Qigong Level 3 curriculum:
  • Two preparatory exercises
  • Three main exercises (Level 3 Big Tree, Level 3 Chanzo, Bigu Shichi)
  • Additional exercises (opening the acupoint between the eyebrows)
  • Diagnostics with 3rd eye and new treatment methods (from Image Medicine)
    Program length: 12 hours.
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